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Things we are into:

  • Z Nation - SE2 info
  • Stranger things - SE1 Info
  • Vikings Waiting on SE4 info
  • Gaming - Oh so much to cover here.
  • Star Trek - Enterprise
  • Roast Dinners - who isn't.

Thought for the moment:

Where is this world currently headed as a species, I mean with all the building unrest around the globe, are we looking at similar situation like they were in the 1930's pre WW2?

Favorite TV Show quote:

"If I ever kill you,You'll be awake,You'll be facing me,And you'll be armed."

Malcolm Reynolds - Firefly

Great Old Game Revamped:

There is a game that I am into atm that was a game I played in the 90's which has been remastered, it's the "Homeworld series".

I picked it up on Steam and it takes me way back playing this and it is way better than I remember.

Check it out if your interested.

Enough of the I-Idiot craze!

I have had enough of people using the phrases:

  • "Hey you can watch it on your Ipad"
  • "You can download it on your Iphone"
  • "it's simple just grab your Iphone and look it up"

For fuck sake it's a Smart phone or a goddam Tablet!

using a brand name in reference to using something is like wanting to use a vehicle to go somewhere and asking a friend if they have a FORD to get there instead of asking if they have a car.

Wake the fuck up!

This made my laugh, but it is so true:

Hear Jeremy Clarkson's rant on Cycling!

Message to My Son John:

You are awesome and will accomplish amazing things in life.

Hold fast to your ideals but be open to new ideas and concepts, just remember Rome wasn't built in a day and even the best of us have failed before getting it right.

Do this and you will reach the stars.

Always Dad.


I was totally Blown away by the Star Citizen Gamescon 2016 presentation, I just sat in awe the whole time as they unveiled what well soon be gaming reality, I think I'm not alone when I say that this has been the dream of space faring gamers and SCIFI fans everywhere!

Below is the 52 minute video showing the 3.0 preview with procedural planet tec, for the full presentation go here.
Well done CIG.